Oregon Forward Program Procurement List

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Andrew enjoys wood working, playing and creating video games. Since 2021, Andrew has been a member of the Embroidery/Screen printing team at Material Creations, primarily running all embroidery jobs. When asked how this job has impacted his life, he said “This job is allowing me to move out of my family home. I just bought an electric bike. Having this job has also allowed me to work on projects each day and has also helped me to support my family”.


Darvin Pierce

Oregon Forward Program Coordinator

Oregon Department of Administrative Services

Email: Darvin.PIERCE@das.oregon.gov

Phone # 971-718-6212

Rena Montes

Oregon Forward Program Price Agreement and Contract Administrator

Oregon Department of Administrative Services

Email: Rena.Montes@das.oregon.gov

Phone # 503-507-1246