Oregon Forward Program Procurement List

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Maura has worked on the Relay Resources Janitorial team for more than nine years, and she’s now a Lead Janitor at Portland State University. Whether she’s cleaning a student dorm room, collecting garbage, or mopping a muddy floor, Maura takes pride in how the campus looks. Maura says that Relay trainers and coworkers helped her gain confidence working with a physical disability, and limited English at first, on her way to advancing to Lead Janitor. “I know what I need to get done, and I love the people I work with,” she says. “Relay believes in my abilities. I feel very capable here.” She’s proud that here job also provides enough money for her to help support relatives in Mexico.


Darvin Pierce

Oregon Forward Program Coordinator

Oregon Department of Administrative Services

Email: Darvin.PIERCE@das.oregon.gov

Phone # 971-718-6212

Rena Montes

Oregon Forward Program Price Agreement and Contract Administrator

Oregon Department of Administrative Services

Email: Rena.Montes@das.oregon.gov

Phone # 503-507-1246