Oregon Forward Program Procurement List

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Having worked at Witco 23 years, Ken has accumulated many skills, amongst which are preparing caramel corn in Witco’s popcorn shop, and currently, data entry, filing, and rotary engraving. Ken continues to study the inner workings of the engraver and accompanying software, enabling Witco to expand its product line. Working at Witco gives Ken extra income which allows him to text on his smartphone with his family and friends. He says, “Communication is very important to me.” Additionally, his job encourages social interaction with friends, and provides him with stability and purpose. Ken enjoys reading, especially bible scriptures, which provide hope and give his life meaning. In contrast, he is also a sports buff who follows the Boise Broncos, the NFL and NBA.


Darvin Pierce

Oregon Forward Program Coordinator

Oregon Department of Administrative Services

Email: Darvin.PIERCE@das.oregon.gov

Phone # 971-718-6212

Rena Montes

Oregon Forward Program Price Agreement and Contract Administrator

Oregon Department of Administrative Services

Email: Rena.Montes@das.oregon.gov

Phone # 503-507-1246