Oregon Forward Program Procurement List

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Scott has worked on the Relay Resources Janitorial team for more than 15 years and is now a Lead Janitor at the Portland International Airport (PDX). Scott does a wide variety of tasks at the airport each week: He could be working outside, covering bathroom routes, restocking supply closets, or cleaning the air traffic control tower. “I like to help our customers at PDX with a sympathetic approach, always being courteous and polite,” Scott says. “And as a Lead Janitor, I get to train people, and it shows another side of me. I want to make new janitors feel the way I did when I started – put them at ease.” Scott says he’s proud to be on his team because they all put their best foot forward, have a positive attitude, and do their best every day.


Darvin Pierce

Oregon Forward Program Coordinator

Oregon Department of Administrative Services

Email: Darvin.PIERCE@das.oregon.gov

Phone # 971-718-6212

Rena Montes

Oregon Forward Program Price Agreement and Contract Administrator

Oregon Department of Administrative Services

Email: Rena.Montes@das.oregon.gov

Phone # 503-507-1246